Cow crust leather Wholesale production

There are approximately 1.6 billion cows worldwide, of which between 15 and 25 percent are slaughtered each year. Cowhide is the most widely used leather in the world due to its durability and strength, and therefore it occupies approximately 70% of the world leather market. Cowhide is used in most apparel, including shoes and insoles, home appliances such as car seats, sofas, belts and belts, bicycle saddles, leather garments and more. For more information on cow crust leather visit our site.

Cow crust leather Wholesale production

What is cow crust leather?

What is cow crust leather? full grain shell leather There are 206 million cows in Brazil, which is 14.2% of the total cows in the world. Italy, the largest leather producer, produces more than 100 million square meters of leather per year. This amount is 8.5 million square meters in Germany, which ranks third in Europe after Spain. Since beef is consumed worldwide, enough leather is provided to the leather industry to produce leather, so beef is more affordable than other types. As you know, cowhide is one of the strongest and most durable leathers, which also has an affordable price due to the huge amount of cowhide available in the world.

If you are looking for solid and durable leather in the industry, cowhide is definitely the best type of leather for you. People have used a variety of animal skins for thousands of years, including cowhide. Some of the earliest processes of turning animal hide into leather included the use of tools such as sharp stones to extract the oil from the animal hide, as well as tanning the leather to increase its resistance. Today, cowhide is widely used in jackets, coats, bags, car seats, belts, etc.

It is used to produce various leather products such as

Strength and Durability: It has a very strong fibrous structure and is thicker and stronger than other animal skins, so it is less prone to cracking and tearing than other leathers.

Elasticity: This skin is flexible and conforms to the body shape of the wearer. For this reason, products made of cow leather are very suitable for daily use. Despite its roughness and strong fibrous structure, cowhide has good elasticity. Below we have compared this feature with other skins.

Waterproof: It has a very good waterproof property among other leathers. When properly coated, they will withstand a multitude of adverse conditions. Thickness: This leather is usually thicker and heavier than normal leather.

Therefore, this type of leather is widely used in the sewing of coats, bags and shoes.

Comfortable to wear: It is very comfortable to wear as a wearable product with good tanning and proper polishing.

Cowhide tanning: Cowhide tanning is easy and almost any tanning method can be used on it.

Other features: It naturally repels moisture, retains its shape and is highly resistant to sunlight, heat and cold. For more information on full grain crust leather visit our site.

Wholesale production of cow crust leather

Wholesale production of cow crust leather Wholesale production of cow crust leather in our collection is possible at a good and affordable price so that it can even be exported to other countries. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about is crust leather good.

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