Goat leather supply market

Today in Iran, many leathers are produced from the skins of various animals. But it is rarely found that leather has both quality and good price. Our company intends to be able to offer its leathers at a good price and quality. Crust leather is a booklet of a group of leathers, which is sold with quality. For more information about Goat leather supply, visit our site.

Goat leather supply market

Where does goat leather come from?

Where does goat leather come from? Crust leather from any type of natural leather, (Especially natural cow leather) is actually leather, Which is completely tanned and not just painted. Crust skins are often white, Of course, they are also produced in black and yellow. – One of the most important and key issues about crust leathers is being first class and in fact their quality. Which is of particular importance both domestically and for exports, Because if the products that are made from them are of good quality, they will definitely be of good quality and suitable.

Application of natural goat crust leather:

  • 1- Painting on leather.
  • 2- Making southern traditional music instruments
  • 3- Production of various products (bags and shoes).

One of the most important factors that affect the proportion and in fact the cost-effectiveness of the sale of these leathers, both domestically and for export, The immediate and immediate supply of this model is goat leather, Therefore, by eliminating intermediaries, customers can have more advice and purchase at completely affordable prices.

Currently, our company makes all kinds of goat crust leather (with different thicknesses) Offers to customers in bulk and with first-hand and factory prices, Therefore, customers will not have to worry about buying their leather.

The density of goat leather fibers is less than cow leather but more than sheep leather so it has good resistance. Due to the clarity of hair growth on goat leather, this leather can be easily distinguished from other leathers. Goat leather is relatively more flexible and lighter than other leathers. Due to the preparation of this leather in both soft and dry forms, they are mostly used in the preparation of various bags and women’s shoes.

Vegetable goat leather (painting) This type of leather, on which only the initial stages of dyeing are done, is not of good quality. This type of leather is mostly used for lining shoes and bags. Of course, in the arts of painting on leather and also calligraphy on leather, this type of leather is used. This leather is available in the market in cream and ocher colors. For more information about Goat leather uses, visit our site.

Goat leather supply in Asia

Goat leather supply in Asia Our company is in charge of Goat leather supply in Asia and exports this type of leather to other countries at an affordable price and quality, which you can find more information about the price of this product and how to export it, as well as about Goat leather vs Cow leather Please visit our website.

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