Natural Cowhide Leather for Sale

Natural cowhide leather is one of the best examples on the market which has a high level of durability which indicates the excellent quality of this product which has led many people in different fields to buy and use this product. Natural grain cowhide leather is offered for sale with unique and extraordinary conditions in different quantities along with excellent and reasonable prices for customers by reputable sellers.

Natural Cowhide Leather for Sale

3 Classifications of Natural Leather and Their Specifications

3 Classifications of Natural Leather and Their Specifications Categories of natural and synthetic leathers Natural leather and its types: In the leather industry, leather is divided into three types: light leather, semi-light leather and heavy leather: Light leather: It is a leather that is obtained from the skins of animals such as sheep, goats, goats and lambs. This type of leather is very delicate and thin, and for this reason, it is used in making products such as leather clothes, leather jackets and leather gloves. Below it is used as a liner for shoes and clothes.

Semi-heavy leather: Leather is said to be obtained from the skins of animals such as crocodiles and ostriches. This type of leather is used in the manufacture of products that have a decorative aspect or are considered luxury due to their rarity and high cost.

Heavy leather: It is called leather which is obtained from the skin of animals such as cows, buffaloes, calves and camels, etc. Heavy leather is the best type of leather for common uses and has the highest resistance and the most beautiful appearance among other leathers. Due to its high strength and resistance, this type of leather can be used in the soles and soles of shoes, in the manufacture of high-quality handbags and pockets, or in the belts of industrial machines, and so on.

Pay attention to the back of the leather to identify the original leather. The back of natural leather is usually fluffy; While the synthetic leather lining is sewn with yarn. This method is one of the most important methods to distinguish natural leather from synthetic leather. But the problem is that when buying coats and shoes, we can not peel the leather to see the back of the product liner. So what is the solution? Just look at the edges of the natural leather to see the fluffy texture.

Amazing Differences Of Natural Cowhide Leather with Synthetic Leather

Today, due to the high prices of leather products and the great variety of artificial and non-leather goods, it has provided the ground for profiteers. In the meantime, people who do not have complete information in this field will lose money when buying leather products In this article, we have provided you with the tips and things you need to know to distinguish natural from abnormal leather, so that you can choose your leather products correctly.

The second characteristic of natural leather and synthetic leather is the smell of leather Natural leather will give it a natural body odor due to the fact that it is made of animal skin and hair. But synthetic products will not have this capability because they are made of plastic The third characteristic of the difference between natural leather and synthetic leather is the very high price difference of leather products Leather products are always very expensive and expensive due to their high strength, special stitching and time consuming. But synthetic products have very low prices due to poor quality and low durability.

Increased Demand for Cowhide Leather Will Lead To Higher Prices

Increased Demand for Cowhide Leather Will Lead To Higher Prices Given that the raw material determines the quality of the final product, buying quality cowhide is of particular importance. Unfortunately, in any market, including the leather market, you can see the presence of profiteers. This has multiplied the importance of a seller’s reputation. You should know that the cowhide leather price is determined according to various conditions, and buyers can refer to this collection to prepare samples of this product, such as natural cowhide leather wallet.

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