Raw Cow Leather for Sale

Natural raw cow leather distribution center offers products with excellent quality and cheap and exceptional prices. Leather is a high quality and widely used product that has long been used to produce a variety of clothing, goods and equipment. The supply of raw leather for export has made it possible for various Iranian and foreign traders and exporters to prepare the leather they need and send it to their target countries. Finally, our company is ready to respond to all applicants for this product.

Raw Cow Leather for Sale

What Is the Difference between Cowhide and Cow Leather?

What Is the Difference between Cowhide and Cow Leather? Cowhide is the skin and hair of a cow that turns into leather during certain processes. In fact, cowhide is made from unbleached cowhide. About 65 to 70% of the world’s leather production is cow leather. Cow leather is one of the most widely used leathers in the world. In general, natural leather is divided into categories of light leather, semi-heavy leather and heavy leather, and cow leather is a category of heavy leathers. Cowhide is the most widely used leather industry in the world. In addition, leather made from fully mature cowhide has more applications than calf leather.

Mature cowhide is multi-layered and has a very high resistance to damage and erosion. This leather is used to make a variety of consumer products such as bags, shoes, coats or industries such as furniture. raw leather sheets made from the skins of young cows or calves is commonly used to make expensive accessories. Because this type of leather is very smooth and delicate. However, its resistance is not as mature as cow leather.

What Happens to Raw Cow Leather to Become Real Leather?

What Happens to Raw Cow Leather to Become Real Leather? To produce and make natural raw cow leather, it is soaked and soaked in chemical and plant solutions in various ways, then the perishable leather is turned into a high-grade, high-quality and anti-corruption product, and the product is durable. It has an extraordinary that is used for many different purposes. Cowhide is obtained through various processes, one of which is tanning cowhide. Raw leather is prepared through processes to produce leather products. After tanning and general preparation of raw leather, its color should be stabilized.

The quality of the color in cowhide leather sheets is very important and stabilizing the color of raw leather is the most important option in having special leather equipment. In general, mineral dyes and organic dyes are used to dye colored cowhide. Oil paints or water-soluble paints can be used to paint leather. Colored cowhide is dyed with this material. There are methods to do this that stabilize the color of raw leather and prepare the leather to become a variety of leather products. One of the ways to stabilize the leather color and soften it after dyeing is to lubricate the leather.

Where Can You Buy Raw Cow Leather?

Where Can You Buy Raw Cow Leather? Today, raw cow hides are used in the production of many products. Also, these types of leathers are produced with many different designs and offered to the market. They can be ordered and bought from different centers and stores. Beef leather is sold in different types of patterned in patterned cow leather shopping malls. In leather shopping centers, you can buy cow patterned leathers, which are unique in their kind and at the same time have high quality. The most stylish examples of leather products offered in sales centers in the market are made of patterned cow leather.

In addition to their high quality, these products also have a stunning beauty. In addition to being available in stores in the market, these products are also sold in online stores. Production of raw natural cow leather is done in accordance with modern standards and in a completely advanced way, this center produces the best quality and first-class natural leather by using experienced staff and experts in this field and using the most up-to-date equipment. And offers high quality and first class.

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