Red Cowhides Leather Wholesale

Wine red cowhide leather is one of the different examples of these products that has its own consumers and fans and the reason for this is due to the high quality and unique beauty of this product which has caused many people to buy and use Be encouraged. offer genuine leather fabric wholesale completely first-class and relevant samples in different quantities and sizes according to customers’ requests, taking into account special conditions such as excellent prices for esteemed buyers, so that it can meet their needs.

Red Cowhides Leather Wholesale

Cowhide Leather Distictions When Its Come to Red Color

Cowhide Leather Distictions When Its Come to Red Color Production and processing of colored cowhide is a specialized process that requires sufficient knowledge and the use of modern technology. This product has many applications as a raw material in the clothing and consumer goods industry. Therefore, color diversity and quality assurance will be of special importance for manufacturing plants and consumers. In this article, we will discuss how to dye cow leather red and so on.

Familiarity with the steps of dyeing cow leather: Dyeing cow leather and other high-consumption leathers is in the third stage of the production process. This means that after cultivating the leather and soaking it in order to hydrate and moisturize the cow skin, it is time to dye it. Contrary to popular belief, painting different types of leather does not mean adding industrial colors and changing its appearance. At this stage, the hair is removed from the skin using a chemical called sulfite to make it completely smooth and even. After this step and lime the cow leather, the raw leather is prepared for the tanning process and other steps.

Note that leather dyeing means changing its color to be used as a raw material in sewing various consumables in the fourteenth stage of the production process and after shaving and neutralizing the leather. This type of painting is done based on the needs of the target market and the type of products they intend to make. In the process of producing leather and dyeing it, black, brown, honey, gray, yellow, green, red and pink colors are the most used. Red cow leathers are in the group of heavy leathers that have unparalleled resistance to tension, impact and environmental factors such as heat and moisture.

How Michael Jackson Jacket in Red Cowhide Leather Brought Popularity

How Michael Jackson Jacket in Red Cowhide Leather Brought Popularity Michael Jackson Trailer Jacket or Trailer Jacket is the name of a symbolic costume and also one of the most famous and best-selling clothes in the world, which was worn by Michael Jackson, an American artist and musician in the music video for “Michael Jackson Trailer” in 1983. . The costume was designed for Michael Jackson by Deborah Nadoolman Landis, who made the costumes for Indiana Jones’ “Lost Box Invaders.” Characteristics of this red jacket, which also has black lines, can have many grooves, have the symbol “M” and also have the style of the famous movie costumes of Star Trek, in which the shoulders are bigger and stronger than usual and in the shape of a number. 7 shows, pointed out.

The jacket bears the title of “the most attractive and hottest coat of the mid-1980s” and has also been widely imitated and sought after by teens lagers around the world in the post-1980s. The exchange price of this jacket in some periods has reached more than $ 500.

How Quality Effects Cowhide Leather Wholesale?

How Quality Effects Cowhide Leather Wholesale? General factors affecting the quality of skin and leather and products such as red cowhide gloves Skin quality: 1- Environmental or climatic geographical factors, Livestock skin is completely dependent on environmental conditions and climate change has a direct impact on its quality. In case of drought or unfavorable climatic conditions due to the lack of suitable pastures, the animal has to travel long distances to feed, which is naturally in the middle of the road due to collisions with various obstacles and thorns, as well as a long way and melting of fat under the animal skin. It hurts.

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