sheep skin wholesale suppliers

Definitely one of the softest and best sheep skins belongs to the Qara Gol breed, which is bred in Sarakhs and Shiraz, and of course it is very popular in Afghanistan because lamb skins are used to make all kinds of hats. In general, the price of sheepskin depends on the type and quality of the skin as well as the health of the animal’s skin, so it can not be called a good source of income for farmers. For more information about sheep skin wholesale, visit our site.

sheep skin wholesale suppliers

what is sheep skin used for?

what is sheep skin used for? Three types of soft and ornamental skin, Qara Gol, Baghneh are common in the market, among which Qara Gol skin has twisted wool that is used to make different types of Qara Ghol hats in Afghanistan and also Astrakhani, and of course Qara Gol, Ghorgi, Quchani and Turkmens have ornamental and soft skin Soft and ornamental skin that they sell without removing the wool. Do not forget that Baghneh is also a product of Baluchi lamb skin that is popular in Russia and is used to make hats, headbands, collars and clothes.

Leather made of sheepskin Cow, sheep and goat skins are used to make all kinds of leather skins, the best of which is cow skin, which is softer and thicker than sheep skins and is less damaged during tanning, so its price is higher, but in general Sheepskin leather is used to make a variety of bags and shoes because of its 30% moisture content. In order not to damage the sheepskin, it is first washed and then sprinkled with flour and salt on it; It is dried in a shady place and exposed to the open air. Be careful not to expose the skin to sunlight so as not to damage it.

How to make or tan sheepskin in the traditional way First you need to get the cow, goat and sheep skins you want to make leather from. Due to the thickness and softness of cow skin, it is more profitable for tanning factories than buffalo and sheep.

Washing: Keep the skin in water for three to 6 days to return to normal and remove salt from the skin.

Moisturizing: To easily remove and remove hair from the skin, keep the skin in a solution of barley flour or lime for 3 to 10 days. Scaling: The skin is hung on two nails and fats and wastes are removed with a scythe or arsenic. To keep the skin in shape and prevent it from spoiling, dip it in salt, which is called salve skin today.

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sheep skin at wholesale price

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