The history of Leather clothing design

Leather Clothing is always attractive to ordinary people and those who work in design and fashion. This article tries to talk about the history of those clothing from the beginning to now. About fifty thousand years ago, our ancestors began their journey from the warmer parts of the earth to the north and colder parts. Due to the lack of heating facilities, they had to find a way to keep themselves warm. That is why they went to the skin of their prey.

Nevertheless, the process was not that simple; animal hides become a challenging and inelastic shell when dried naturally. One of the thousand inventions of our parents is the art of tanning. It is clear that if they had not invented this art, they would have perished in the cold parts of the world. Because of those reasons, they resorted to methods like boiling the bark in the trunk of a tree and then salting the bark.

Leather clothing

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The leather trade has a history that goes back 500 years. The first leather traders were ancestors of the ancient Greeks, later known as leather tanners.

The genuine leather trade was founded in ancient Greece and continues to flourish today. Under the influence of Greek activity, Romans used leather in handicrafts; They made shoes, clothing, and military equipment such as shields, saddles, and harnesses, so leather and the use of this divine gift became universal.

medium aged leather

Leather has been used on many occasions throughout history due to its comfort and ease of use for humans.

While leather products were primarily used in clothing and footwear, and in some cases, military equipment, leather later found use in decorative items and furnishings.

The use of leather made people feel good because pure leather did not smell like food and was easier to care for and maintain.

  • The French helped the leather:

The idea of wearing clothes that smell precisely like cows and sheep is not lovely. For this reason, different countries throughout history have tried to improve the tanning process in different ways. The efforts of a country like France have transformed leather from an obligatory holster for our ancestors into a luxurious and expensive holster. France is known for its perfume. The French also know how and where perfume is used, and one of the places where they used their perfume best was the tannery sector; To get rid of the unbearable smell of leather, they went to their perfume. Leather tanned in this way was washed with perfume to make it smell good.

The history of Leather clothing design

The development of leather products in the 18th and 19th centuries

The expansion of active markets and industrialization in the 18th and 19th centuries created new demands on leather and its use.

In this period, lighter and more fashionable shoes were needed, and radical changes were experienced in the color and design of leather products.

Tanned leather was costly and not accepted by the market in the industrial centuries, so chromium salt was adopted, which led to a significant change in the decoration of homes and the design of leather clothing, bags, and shoes.

  • August Schultz enters:

One of the problems that prevented the widespread use of leather was the length of the tanning process because the conventional methods of tanning the skin last from a few days to several months. The invention of Augustus Schultz reached the leather industry here. Schultz was an American chemist who could significantly speed up skin preparation by using chromium in the tanning process.

  • Leather transforms from an expensive and hard-to-obtain item to an affordable luxury item:

Tanning workshops around the world try to keep their tanning style to themselves. This is also clear; Companies are looking for a way to have a competitive advantage. This monopoly on tanning makes the quality of the leather of different companies different, and there are different prices for leather.

In the age we live in, leather has become a more accessible commodity. In recent years, the use of leather in fashion has increased so much that middle and low-income people cannot easily access leather and wear leather clothes. Nevertheless, now, ready-made clothing companies have managed to reduce leather prices drastically.

  • Leather production is becoming a public concern:

The increase in the public’s level of knowledge and the emergence of various concerns about nature also forced the leather industry. The use of natural leather in large quantities has raised concerns about the ethical and correct use of leather. The question is hard to reply to. Whether the consumption of animal meat is harmful to nature is as complex as the question of leather used.

The history of Leather clothing design

Integration of leather with modern technology

Today leather no longer has the limited and superficial use of the past

Modern science is advancing day by day, people are familiar with the science of chemistry, and chemicals are very effective in developing raw materials such as leather.

Leather jacket buying guide for women

If you’ve never been fired, you owe yourself a try. Therefore, it is better to first get acquainted with the best leather jacket models or get the necessary tips for choosing and buying a suitable one. In the continuation of this article, we would like to express these critical and fundamental points to you.

High quality leather jacket for women

Which model leather jacket you are looking for, the most important thing when choosing and buying is to check the quality well. A high-quality leather jacket is made of high quality leather and the workmanship is also of high quality. Therefore, if you choose your leather jacket correctly, you can be sure that you will use it for decades.

When we want to evaluate the quality of a leather jacket and choose the best model, the quality of the leather is an essential factor to consider. When touching quality leather,  the feeling is that it is soft and natural, and its texture is not entirely flat. If the texture of a leather jacket is too soft or plastic, it means the leather jacket is not of good quality.

Synthetic leather jacket

In addition to natural leather, leather coats are also made of synthetic leather. Nevertheless, unfortunately, coats made of synthetic leather do not last as long as natural leather and break down much faster. If a faux leather jacket is bought, its touch when buying is ok. If it feels that the texture is strong and has good flexibility, the quality is acceptable.

The history of Leather clothing design

Women’s leather jacket lining

It is vital that the upholstery of the leather jacket has a light and comfortable texture. Of course, it does not mean that the upholstered fabric must be made of natural fibers. Silk, linen, and polyester are also acceptable as quality upholstery layers.

Set a women’s leather jacket with other clothes

A leather jacket is one of those clothes that can be easily set with almost any other dress. Also, it can be worn in nearly any position and place. The following will explain how to set a leather jacket with other clothes in different situations.

Leather coat on a long spring coat

wearing a leather jacket on the long and thin coat in spring is one of the attractive choices that can be suggested. Especially colored leather coats are more attractive this season and keep it warm in the unbalanced air of spring.

Leather jacket with jeans

Suppose the style like black head to toe with a leather jacket is not ok, using blue jeans is a good choice. Lighter models of jeans are more suitable for motorcycling style and have an exceptional harmony with them.

Leather coat on the autumn coat

In autumn and on relatively thick coats with the autumn style, wearing a black leather jacket or leather jacket in different colors can be a good choice. This fall coat is usually above the knee and is not limited to black; other colors can also be used.

Leather coat on the autumn coat

Black leather jacket or pants

The black head-to-toe style leather jacket has a unique charm. A classic black leather jacket can be worn quickly with plain black pants made of tight fabric or leather. Other colors of leather jackets can also be worn with black pants, especially if the coat used under it is black.

Leather jacket and casual style

The most straightforward and stylish style that can be created with a leather jacket is this: Pair vintage jeans with a plain white T-shirt and a black leather jacket.

Women of color’s leather jacket

Do not neglect the colors! It can be easily played with colors and used to create different and unique styles, especially if worn in leather coats with special colors.

Suitable shoes for women’s leather jackets

Sneakers and running shoes are usually too sporty to set with a leather jacket. Instead, you can use an all-star Converse shoe to create an informal, chic style Almost all flat shoes, including Oxford shoes, are suitable for pairing with a women’s leather jacket, and they can be used to create an informal and stylish style. If it is like punk and rock star styles, it is best to wear heavier shoes, such as Dr. Martinez boots, with a leather jacket.

History of leather bags

The crossbody leather bag is one of the most widely used types of men’s and women’s bags, making it one of the most popular bag models that are easy to carry and do not involve the hand, offering the highest level of comfort and functionality. Here, it is tried to talk about its history. The crossbody leather bag can have many uses; it can be the everyday bag, it can be used as a work bag, or with a suitable model, it can be used as a house bag.

leather bags

the brief history of the crossbody bag

Like any other accessory or bag, a crossbody bag has its history. In English, the bag’s name usually consists of two parts: the first part describes the type of bag strap, and the second part specifies the bag’s shape. The same rule applies to carrying bags, and Crossbody is a term that describes the shape of this bag, i.e., its strap crosses the body, so this type of bag must have a long strap. The original idea for the bag began in the 1860s when mail carriers and correspondents worked in the postal service and carried their cargo in such bags. This bag model was designed to keep the handwriting free while working and carrying letters so that he could efficiently perform his general tasks such as driving a vehicle.

Crossbody leather bag with traditional Style (Bohemian Style)

In case of needing a bag for daily use, the model of leather shoulder bag with bohemian or traditional Style is what be a good reply. This bag model is made of quality hand-embroidered leather and is the best accessory to match a long, flowery, and pleated skirt or coat. It can be paired with such quality with a pair of shoes or flat boots in the same color, and use colorful imitation jewelry with traditional Style to complete the Bohemian Style.

Simple two-tone crossbody bag model

This simple crossbody bag with a combination chain strap is a good option for everyday use and parties. The inside of this bag model is designed similar to a wallet and has enough space to put credit cards and cash. This bag is composed of two neutral and soft colors that increase its versatility. The outer pocket of this bag, with its different colors, has created a suitable space for the mobile phone.

Simple two-tone crossbody bag model

Star velvet shower bag model

Velvet is leading the way in fashion and clothing these days, and it has also made its way into accessories such as bags. Velvet material makes the bag expensive and high level, and such a bag with a chain strap and a beautiful crimson color (other colors such as black or cream also have an effect) is the best option for night parties. The delicate star decorations on this bag have added to its elegance and beauty and can be the best choice for stylish and tasteful ladies.

Simple saddle leather shoulder bag model

Do not worry if the overall style is classic and minimal; it is still possible to use a crossbody bag, provided using simple leather models. This model of crossbody bag with solid black color and its simple leather strap is the best option for those who need a shoulder bag for work or other severe and formal environments. Another option is to use their bag for several consecutive years because it is a durable and quality bag. They need a simple one that never goes out of style.

Simple chained crossbody bag

Chained shoulder bags are usually used in the house, but if they are made of velvet and metal fittings, their house aspect will outweigh the daily use aspect. This model of velvet pink bag with a ring lock and chain strap also has all the conditions of a beautiful house bag, but it can also be used as an everyday bag, especially if it is in light or dark colors such as beige, dirty pink or black, which it can be used. Easily match the rest of the clothes.

The history of Leather clothing design

Leather in Africa

Despite having a long history of using leather, Africa’s share of leather history is not considerable. Consumers have not evaluated African leather for a long time, considering the changing consumer consciousness today and the push for greater transparency in every aspect of the fashion business. EU law stipulates that the country of origin of finished goods is the country where the final production process takes place. It has led luxury fashion houses, which produce raw leather from Africa and even begin production there, to label their products, for example, made in Italy.

Export of African leather abroad

The best quality African leather has found its way to export markets. As a result, some of Africa’s most exciting leather goods companies have learned to use local material resources fully. Regarding this issue, one of the Ethiopian leather activists says that “We focused on what we could have done better.” “We knew we were in another market, and our value proposition was different. “Our ace is based on focusing on our traditional designs ” The company uses leather to make leather wallets and other accessories discarded by many of the top fashion houses due to defects in the leather.

The history of Leather clothing design

However, this activist has no problem with this waste and believes this is the price of being faithful to our origin.

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